Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How To Tie A Bow

These cute bows are created with an everyday fork. Even though I have shared with you before, how to make a bow with a fork, with this technique, the final bow is different with four loops instead of two.

how to make a bow with a fork

You will need scissors, ribbon, and a fork.

How to tie a bow

First you weave the ribbon through the fork.


Then weave the ribbon to the end of the fork.

I wove the ribbon through the fork as per the instructions, however, I felt that the ribbon was difficult to work with. So, I rewove the ribbon through the fork. The weaves were very loose, allowing me enough ribbon to twist and arrange the bow how I felt the bow should look when finished.

Next, insert a piece of ribbon above the top of the ribbon in the middle of the fork. Do this from the front of the fork. 

Tightly pull the ribbon together and tie in a knot.

Pull the ribbon from the fork, cut the extra ribbon to your desired length and twist to get your desired look for the bow.

Use these bows as a decoration for cards or young girls hair bows. Insert a paperclip through the middle ribbon and use in your planner. Which you know that is how I will be using these bows.

Now to you-

How else will you be using these bows?

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  1. I love the look of your blog now!!!

    of course you know that I love the look of an all white background. it really makes the banner and the posts "pop"... which to me, is the way one wants a blog to "look."

    yesssss!!!!! love it!!!!!!

    I think it has changed. I think a big add used to be right at the top of your blog. taking attention away from your lovely, lovely banner.

    thank you! I love your blog look now. just sayin'.... :-)

    1. Thank you Tessa. I am liking it also.
      In a blog post I will share with everyone what happened.
      Thanks Tessa xo

  2. What a cute idea for making teeny tiny bows. It reminds me of those old bow makers (in miniature) that were made out of plastic. GREAT idea here! xo Diana

    1. Diana,
      I have seen those plastic bow makers. I want to make one of those.
      Thank you for reminding me!!! <3
      Thank you for stopping by!! :)

  3. Great tutorial! I will love to make these cute bows. They are perfect for decorating a sweet birthday card. Pinned.

    1. Thank you for the pin! <3 Charlotte
      They would look pretty on a birthday card.

  4. I've never seen a bow tied with a fork! How cute.

    1. Thank you Brenda,
      So much ribbon to choose from and so little time! Lol

  5. So cute and you make it look so easy!!


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