Friday, March 20, 2015

If Tiny Houses Are Not For You, How About A Treehouse?

We have all heard about the new sensation of leaving behind large house living and moving to a tiny house. But have you heard about this idea of living in a treehouse?

Did you have a treehouse as a child? Or imagine living in one? Well now that young childhood dream can become a reality. 

For example, in Ohio.
Also, Baton Rouge.

Wkipedia explains that treehouses, in some areas of the world, are built above ground for protection against wild animals. In a comment of the above video, someone stated that they could also be used as protection against zombies. 

I will leave you on that note.

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  1. I like the idea of the "Tiny House"

  2. I think living in a tree house sounds so romantic. I have always dreamed of living in a tree house or log cabin in the forest. But, I think I would miss being part of a neighborhood. Maybe just for vacation.
    xo Sally

    1. I agree Sally. I think I have watched far too many scary movies to live in the middle of nowhere.! Lol

  3. I could, most definitely, live in a treehouse. I would love every moment of it...but the spiders. I would NOT love the spiders, which I'm SURE, would believe I am violating THEIR domain and proceed to plot my demise. So, if there was a treehouse that could be built in an area with all the loveliness of the experience but no spiders? I'm in. And if there was a zombie apocalypse, that place above would be IT!!!! I'm a HUGE fan of the Walking Dead. ;0)

    1. Oh man, I never even thought of spiders. And they would probably be bigger than the average house spider.
      With all of those eyes they wold be watching what you did all. of. the. time. Ugh


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