Friday, March 27, 2015

How One Simple Click Solved The Problem

Well this is what happened.

I had people telling me that they could not leave comments on my blog. This was because my blog was attached to Google Plus and only people who were associated with Google Plus could leave comments. So I asked a sweet blogging friend how to fix this. She tried to help me and sent me a screen shot of a button I needed to click. Thank you dear blogging friend.

I did not have that button on my comment template.

Nowhere. I could not find it.

For a week I tried to fix this problem. I searched Google. I read blog posts. I had clicked the revert to Blogger button. Still missing the comment setting.
Nothing I read seemed to help me with this issue.

So, last weekend I just decided I would try and do the best I could with the knowledge I had.

Now here we go.

I went to my template setting and clicked on the backup your blog button. I knew this was the first step to do when you make any changes. However, after clicking a few buttons that did not fix my comment settings, I decided to click the revert widgets back to default button. Now mind you I had backed up my blog, so I felt I was ok with my decision. 

I clicked the revert widgets button. Then, I clicked on view blog and my blog looked like it had been placed in a blender. 

Really, I was not worried. I had saved my blog.

Except that when I looked through the download folder, my blog file that I had saved was gone.

Gone. Nowhere to be found.

No problem. Well, maybe a little. But I had purchased a blog template from a third party. I would just download this template again and my blog would be restored.

Not even close.

I tried to import the third party template and when I did, a red pop up message told me I had malformed html or part of it was missing. I do not remember, at this point I think I might have passed out. Well, maybe just forgot to breathe. 

I do not remember what I did, but I found my missing file and imported that back to restore my blog. This did not restore my purchased template and now I had two of every blog post I had written.

I went through and deleted the extra posts. I adjusted the widths and made my blog look presentable. Before I gave up for the night. I did seek help from a Google site forum. 

The next morning, I had a notice in my email to a link that would help fix the missing comment setting. 

The first step was to restore Google Plus. 

Now wait a minute...

Pardon me, but I was trying to unplug from Google plus. 

So, I restored Google Plus.

This is the one instruction to return to Blogger comment settings. Click blog post to read the article.

Go to the dashboard Google+ menu entry, and unselect "Use Google+ Comments on this blog". The blog will simply return to native Blogger based Comments. 

Excuse me, I stressed for this one click? One click?

So, now my comment section is back to the original setting. 

But I lost every comment on every one of my blog posts, which makes me sad.

With things back to normal on my blog, I decided to add some CSS code and rearrange a few of the layouts.

While moving things, suddenly I noticed, all of my posts were gone from my blog. Not there. My husband checked on his computer. Nothing. No blog posts. 

After googling what I might have done, I had to simply reset my blogger template and my blog posts were back up on the blog.

Now, I feel like this gentleman and I am not clicking on any buttons or editing html code for a bit.


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  1. good freakin' grief!!!!!!!!!!!

    I compliment you, for not going away and just kept banging you head on a wall.

    that is one hell of an experience!


    1. It was Tessa! In fact I told my husband, "I'm done."
      He suggested taking a week break. But I couldn't stay away!

  2. I hate Google+. this is no secret, I have posted such.

    I found, much to my dismay, that I once went out of my mind and made a Google+. -blushing furiously- but never "used" it. never got into any of the troubles, which I have read of.

    I never paid anyone, to do anything for me, like make Banner/Headers. or whatever you said you did. I just kept plugging away, on Blogger, and learned, by trial and error. having a private blog, just to test stuff, helps with this.

    never got brave enough to edit any hot mail code, though!!!!!!!!!!! and do not have any plan, to do so. >,-)

    as I have said, I love the look of your blog!!!! sorry you "got it" by having so much trouble. but it "sure-is-purdy" now. ,-)


    1. Thank you for the sweet comment, Tessa. Thinking of changing the header again.
      But maybe I should wait. Cracking myself up!! ;)
      Have a great weekend!

  3. We are all blogger idiots sometimes, I think. Do this- don't do this---do that- don't do that. What? It is where? What do you mean there is NO ANSWER for the problem I have?
    Now you know why I DO NOT MESS with my blog---EVER!!!
    Don't like the way it looks? Too bad- that's the way it is gonna look forever! lol
    Hope you don't have any more problems. xo Diana

    1. Thank you Diana! I wish I could say I am not going to mess up my blog because I do like to change things up. But I think I am just going to stick to changing the header for awhile! Lol

  4. Holy Moly! Glad you were able to figure all that out. With the limited patience I have, I would have thrown in the towel. I've clicked on so many things I shouldn't have clicked on with my blog,I'm surprised it's still there.
    Neglected, but still there. :0)

    1. I like changing things and adding things. But changing the comments, I could not find any help. It all worked out. Thank goodness. You read so many horror stories about bloggers losing everything. I lost comments and a template, but I was looking for something new anyway.

  5. Oh no!! My husband is a computer engineer so I always ask him when I need help on things like this. I really have no clue about all that "stuff!" - I'm impressed!

    1. Thank you Sally. Now I wonder why I did not take more computer classes in school????

  6. Typical :-D I often have problems like this and I'm like "How do I change this?" and then you find out and think about how easy and logic it actually was..

    1. Exactly Marie. Why did I not think to click there in the first place!!

  7. Oh wow what a mess. I am glad you got the blog back up and working!

    1. Thank you very much Julie. It was a mess. But, oh well, soon I may get a job for Blogger. Just kidding!! lol Thank you for stopping by. :)

  8. Kathy, I read this post in the car weeks ago, but was unable to comment. Even though I know your story has a happy ending, because your blog is here and I read the tale before, I still have sweaty palms. Yikes. I lost my blog when I moved to WP last fall. I woke up to nothing one morning and had that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Awful. I am glad you're back!

    1. And I am glad you are back! I recently discovered your bog and so glad that I did!! :)


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