Monday, January 26, 2015

How To Make Your Own Planner Pocket Folders

When you carry a daily planner, it is nice to be able to tuck important papers into a folder in your planner. With the steps below, I will show you how to create your own planner pocket folder. This pocket folder is movable from week to week. Plus, the folder is compact, without adding any bulk to your planner. These pocket folders are created using ordinary file folders. You can find pretty file folders at your local office supply store. Or, you can purchase file folders and decorate them yourself.

Supplies for this project include:
A file folder
Ruler, or a tape measure
Scissors or Exacto knife
Hole punch
Glue stick, or double sided tape
Tape measure
Scotch Tape, or if so desired, Washi tape
Post it tabs

Find the desired length you need for the size of your planner. I cut just under the tab of the file folder. Which made the pocket folder, approximately 7 and 1/2 inches long. 

Then, lay your folder open on the table, decorative side facing out. Your file folder will have a crease down the middle. Bring the folder sides to the middle and press. This is the beginning creation of the folder pockets. After folding, the planner will be approximately 4 and 1/2 inches wide.

With your ruler or tape measure, mark where you want your pockets to begin. I measured up about 3 inches. Use a pencil to mark this spot. 

With your ruler, I just grabbed a discarded piece of folder, use this as a guide to mark from the corner of the folder to the pencil mark in the center of you folder. You should have a triangle shape. Lightly draw a line with your pencil, connecting these two edges. Cut along this line with you scissors or Exacto knife.

 Your folder will look like this, when you have cut off both sides of the folder.

Using your glue stick, or double sided sticky tape, glue down the bottom edge and inside edge of your flaps forming your pocket. (Do not glue down the angle cut edge)

Just to reinforce the glue, tape the bottom of the folder and then tape down the middle of your planner. Use Scotch tape, or if you want some added decoration, use your Washi tape.

Now, because my planner is spiral bound, I need to add repositional Post it tabs to my pocket folder. I have a blog post on how the create the Post it tab coil clips here.

When you have your Post it tabs in place, insert your pocket folder in to your planner. This is how your folder will look in your planner from the left side view.

Here is how your pocket folder will look from the right side view and opened up ready to place our important papers in for safe keeping.

With a few easy steps, you can create your own pocket folders. If you do try this diy project leave a link to your folder picture, blog post, or video in the comment section below.

For those of you who have ring binder planners, please follow Alexis aka Miss Trenchcoat's You tube video on how to create the pocket folder dividers for 6 ring binder planners.

Now to you-

Do you have another folder idea for your planner? Leave your answer in the comment section below. We are always looking for new ideas for our planners. 

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  1. cute i might try this thank you for sharing and what kind of planner are you using.

    1. I am currently using the Plum Paper Planner. But, next year I will be using The Color Crush A5 by Webster Pages. Thank you for the sweet comment!


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