Wednesday, March 4, 2015

DIY Dividers for your Franklin Covey Planner

How many planners do you need to organize your life? 

Recently, I removed inserts in my Franklin Covey planner. I had decided to use this planner as my new menu planner. For the planner to work for me, I needed to add some dividers to separate new inserts and note pages. The Franklin Covey is a six ring binder. The dividers for this planner will need to be hole punched as opposed to my previous dashboards that required repositionable tabs

DIY dividers for Franklin Covey planners

First, decide what paper you want to use for your dashboard. You can choose from scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, a favorite greeting card, or even laminate that "A" you received on a well written college paper.

Then gather together-

Glue stick
Laminate sheets
Paper trimmer (optional, you can just use scissors if you prefer)
A template paper from your inserts
Hole punch

diy dashboard for your six ring binder

Using your pencil, trace around one of the inserts, flip and trace the other side. 

With your paper trimmer, or scissors, cut out the divider.

Glue the back sides of the divider together.

Now laminate the divider. I have a tutorial on how to laminate here.

Using your template, punch holes for the rings in your divider.

Now, you have a dashboard to hold page flags or sticky notes.

Planners are an efficient way to keep you organized. So create a planner that works for you. Make it yours.

"Everything depends on execution; having just a vision is no solution." Stephen Sondheim

Click here to watch a video showing how to create these dividers.

Now to you-

What planner(s) do you use?

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