Thursday, March 19, 2015

Are Flared Jeans A New 2015 Spring Trend?

Except that this quote might not be true. As I discovered when I saw this link shared 
on A Cup Of Jo's website.

She wrote quite simply on her post, "What do you think of this spring trend? I'm loving it."

So, needless to say I clicked on it.

How many of you remember the flared leg jeans? Also, the pockets sewn on the front? I do. I wore jeans just like these in the above picture. I remember standing and making sure that my flared jeans completely covered the clogs that I was wearing. That was cool. I am not sure why it was important that it looked as though we had no feet? Just saying.

But as a new spring trend?

Charles Manning wrote in his post, 7 Reasons to Just Say "No" to the Return of Flared Jeans             

  7. You're not actually going for a '70s look.

Flares are about as '70s as it gets, so no matter what you wear them with, your outfit is going to look at least a little '70s. In other words, dated and costumey. Sure, the '70s are totally in for spring 2015, but is that really the look you are going for?

Trends come and go, and these jeans too shall pass.

Please check out his post the pictures are rather funny.

Now, I did mention clogs earlier.

We sounded like a herd of horses walking the school hallways. And because the inside soles of the shoes were leather, or wood, your socks had nothing to grip, so your stocking feet were always sliding to the front of the clog. 

Ahhh, the 70's.

Everything old is new again.
Lyrics by Peter Allen

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  1. I must have somehow missed this post. So funny, I giggled the whole way through. I was an 80s girl... leggings, oversize sweat shirt, giant hair bow, and way to much aqua net! lol

  2. Lol Sally. Gotta love those days. The bigger the hair the better. And it had better not move!
    Thanks for the sweet comment!


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