Saturday, May 16, 2015

Making Good Blog Train {Reupholstered Chair}

This post is part of a Making Good Blog Train hosted by Agatha, from Green Issues by Agy. What is repair, and why do we even bother to repair the things we have? Some see repair as a way of reconnecting with our possessions as we extend their lives. Others see it as a form of creative potential and an avenue to express their craft. The rewards for mending varies from feeling immense satisfaction to prolonging the life of the product. Follow the Making Good Blog Train this month and see what we have repaired and reconnected with.

The schedule for the Making Good Blog Train

I'm taking Fix It Friday around the globe! From 1 May, the Making Good blog train will pull out of Singapore and document the possessions that my fellow bloggers have fixed. We will show you how we mended them, and more importantly how we felt! Join us on our repair journey, and come back every Friday to see my top pics of the week!

This is the schedule of bloggers who are sharing their repairs or mends.

1 May - Agatha Fixing a jug
2 May – Lisa     Patching jeans
3 May –  Millie   Patching a skirt
4 May – Stella   Fixing a bag strap
5 May  Adeline  Mending jewelry 
6 May – Audrey  Fixing a sandal
7 May – Yaney  Fixing innersoles of shoes
8 May – Christine Patching jeans with embroidery
9 May – Karen Fixing slippers
10 May – Kareena Fixing a cast iron waffle maker
12 May – Vicky: Jean Patches and a Shoe Fix
13 May – Brandi, Fixing a Hole in Upholstery 
14 May – Carrie 
15 May – Deborah    
16 May – Kathy 
18 May  Taking a Break!
19 May –  Maegan 
20 May – Judith
21 May – Vanessa 
22 May – Joy 
23 May – Julia 
24 May – Amanda 
25 May – Diane
26 May – Emily, 
27 May – Emmy  
28 May -  Vanessa 
29 May - Jean Chua

Yesterday, Brandi at SuperGirl Savings shared how to repair upholstery holes. Please stop by and see how to fix a hole in your upholstery.

My Repair

We have a chair that needed reupholstered. This chair has been in our home for some time and the material on the cushion was beginning to show wear. So, I decided to find pretty material that would match the color scheme in our bedroom. Even though the wood on the chair is worn, the oak wood matches the bedroom furniture. Because of this, I chose not to paint over the wood.

Reupholstered Chair

The material was wearing on the corner and the color of the material did not match the color scheme in the bedroom.

repurposed chair

My husband unscrewed the cushion from the chair.

After disassembling the seat from the chair, we removed the old and worn material.

My husband attached the new material to the seat with staples. As he was working on this step, I wiped the wood with furniture polish. Then, he reattached the seat to the chair.

The finished seat cushion.

I hope you enjoyed this chair makeover tutorial.

Let me introduce Cassandra, who blogs at Super-Hippie Eco-Person with a Dragon. Cassandra is our next blogger on the Making Good Blog Train. Please stop by her blog and see what she has repaired or mended.

Thank you Agy, for asking me to participate in the blog train. This was a fun project for me and my husband.

If you have reupholstered a piece of furniture, please share your experience in the comments below.
Have you mended anything today?

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  1. Well done! Love DIY home repairs. Better yet a reupholstery project!

  2. That is a great job. It looks so much better now. Happy Sunday- xo Diana

    1. Thank you Diana. We are happy with the results and so is our kitten. Lol!

  3. Beautiful Kathy! You make it look so easy. I love the fabric you chose, such a pretty color and pattern.
    xo Sally

    1. Thank you Sally. This fabric matches the bedroom color better. And it was time for some much needed repair. Lol!

  4. I so need to redo my kitchen chairs! Looks so easy now that I have seen you do it :)

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment. It did help that I have a handy man who lives in the house. Lol!

  5. How do you reattach the seat to the chair? Are there screws? I've always wondered how this is done. Great job!

    1. Yes Agy, I think my husband had 4 screws to reattach the seat. We did forget to make where the screws needed to be placed. But the end result was fine.

  6. I love the chair you fixed up! How talented you are! Enjoy the afternoon!


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