Friday, January 10, 2014

Shelf Decorating

I did a little shelf decorating last week. I wanted to share what I had come up with.

The shelf has some height to it, so I was able to add elements to fill in the space with height and texture.

Let's start with the vase on the left of the picture. It is my Goodwill find. It was a tad dirty when I discovered it, but I cleaned it up and added some greenery that I bought from Joanns.

The little bird house was a Christmas present from my handsome husband's grandfather. You know how much I love my birds.

The tall pillar was another Goodwill find. I paid $1.99 for that.

The decorative balls were on a clearance rack at Menards last year. I placed one ball on the pillar for height. I placed another below as a space filler. Both balls give the space texture.

The two hurricane lamps were my grandmothers'. 

The decorative owl was from Big Lots. He is my most expensive item. He was $6.00.

The books were also Goodwill finds. I forget what I paid, maybe $1.00 for each? I love books and I especially love old books. I take the jackets off the older books of my Goodwill finds.

I placed the tray on a picture stand and placed it in the back of the shelf to fill in the empty space. Many of the blogs I have read use thin tall baskets. I have none of those. And I am proud to display this tray because my sister-in-law, Kim, created this for me for my birthday, last year.

She took a picture frame, covered the picture with contact paper. Painted the picture frame white, and added decorative handles. So pretty. 

I found a way to create a decorated shelf using inexpensive items. Use items that appeal to you and you can never go wrong.

Leave me some links in the comment section below to shelves you have decorated in your home!

Everyone, thank you for reading
Have a blessed day!

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