Thursday, January 2, 2014

December Empties

These are the items I used up in December:

I will start with my favorite:
These eggrolls are oh so yummy! They look just like the picture on the box. I cooked them in the oven as per the directions on the box. Oh my, the crust of the eggroll was flaky and crunchy. When you bit into them even my handsome husband could hear the crunch when he was sitting a couple feet across from me. Gluten free food usually has a drier texture. But this was the perfect texture and oh so good. Give them a try. You will not be disappointed.
This is an argan oil. I put this in my hair after it has towel dried for a bit, just before I blow dry my hair. Not too much though. I have made that mistake and looked as though I hadn't washed my hair! I also use this product to remove my makeup.This is argan oil is made by organix. Organix is a cruelty free company. I have purchased this product several times. However, they have added a parum to the ingredients, and some other chemicals, so I will be searching for a more natural option. I am really interested in trying out the Jose Moran argan oil.
This is a Yes TO Carrots lip butter in the flavor of berry. This was a very good lip butter. It was very moisturizing. This formula didn't tug at my lips when it was applied. I hate that. It did have a very nice berry smell. I will not be repurchasing. I have found a lip balm made by Badger which is organic and does not test on animals.
This Desert Essence shampoo is very nice and lathers very well for being a natural,
100% vegan shampoo free from sulfates and parabens. I liked the coconut scent. Very subtle. I have purchased this a couple of times and I will repurchase more in the future.
It is very difficult to find a good, natural, cruelty free toothpaste. Because natural toothpaste does not contain any sulfates, they do not lather up as commercial toothpastes do. This is a gel toothpaste. It was ok, but I prefer a paste. The taste was fine. It did leave your mouth feeling clean, but as with most natural toothpastes that feeling doesn't last long. Actually this is a very nice toothpaste and I will repurchase. But I ordered a clay toothpaste from Vitacost that I want to try. We'll see. It doesn't hurt to try.
This is a Mainstay candle in the scent Hazlenut cream that I picked up at Walmart. It smelled nice in the jar. The smell wasn't overbearing while burning. I do prefer the pumpkin spice scent.
I will end with my least favorite:
Ah, the Desert Essence hand and body lotion in the coconut scent. This was not a good lotion. In fact, the smell alone was atrocious. It smelled of chemicals. Oh, it was bad.The lotion itself was very greasy and I felt it just sat on the top layer of your skin. Everything you touched after applying then became greasy. I cut the tube in half after taking this picture to use every drop. I should have just thrown it away after I took the picture. Very disappointing. Most of the Desert Essence products are wonderful, just stay away from this one.
Everyone, thank you for reading
Happy New Year!

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