Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Love This Soap!

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For a while now, I have been using goat milk soap as my body and face wash. When I started researching more natural alternatives to soap, I happened across a you tube video discussing the benefits of using goat milk soap. This video (I do not remember the video to link it up) was discussing products they used from the  company, Goat Milk Stuff.

So I researched the company and bought some of their bars of soap. I was not disappointed.

Doesn't this look good enough to eat! Oh no, please do not!

Here are the ingredients:
Raw goat milk
Saponified natural fat
coconut oil
olive oil
sunflower oil

For information on the top ten benefits of goat milk soap click here.

You are asking yourself, yes, sounds good, but how well does this soap lather?
Actually, this soap lathers very well with the type of ingredients used in the soap. I am able to get enough lather to shave my legs without using a shaving cream. (TMI!)
I no longer get breakouts on my face. I do not have to rely on body lotion, but I still use body lotion, in fact I recently bought some great lotion, I digress, because this soap does not dry out my skin. And my husband has started using it also!
Note though-if you get the soap in your eyes...It Stings!
They over a  wide variety of scents, but I choose to stick with the natural scents of purity, tea tree oil, and organic castile. I have tried the lavender scent and it smells wonderful.
When you checkout at their website while purchasing, there is an option to sample up to 3 different scents. These samples are just small cuts of the soap. A great way to see if that particular scent appeals to you.

How well do they treat the goats?
They allow the goats to roam free. Each of the goats have a name. And they even took a goat with them when they traveled to be on the Dr. Oz show.

How is shipping?

The soaps are packed tightly to reduce any breaking while shipping.

Each bar is approximately 5 oz. Soaps are sold in half bar size as well as soap logs. Prices vary from $6.00 for regular bars or $6.50 for essential oil bars to $8.00 for specialty soaps.

Each bar is wrapped is a cotton drawstring bag which allows the bars to breathe and friendlier for the environment. I keep these bags and use them to keep other items in the little bags. Each bag also contains business cards to keep in your wallet.

Let me know if you have tried these soaps. Or if you have tried any other types of soaps that are just as natural? 

Everyone, thank you for reading
Have a blessed day!

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