Monday, January 20, 2014

Creating Birthday Cards

When I cleaned out and organized my coat closet, I was able to get at my scrapbooking supplies. Because of that I have started creating cards to give to others. Now I know that at The Dollar Tree they sell cards for .50. Great price. But, I enjoy creating cards for others. And since joining Google+, I have come across awesome blogs to get ideas for my cards. For example, Jenn at Jax Bean Stalks. Beautiful creations!

With the information out there you can give the supplies to your children and they can create their own cards for others. It is not absolutely necessary to have all of the
Stampin Up, Jo-Ann's, or on line tools.

I created a birthday card recently and I want to share the steps I used to make it.

Here is the finished card.

Using cardstock paper, I cut my base card at 21 and half inches long by 14 inches wide.

I folded the paper in half. This created a blank slate to create whatever came to mind with collaborating colors.

I am making this card for a young man who is turning 20. So I chose a blue and brown color combination.

First I glued the striped paper to the blue cardstock. Using a punch I created a small tag. I used a rubber stamp and added Happy Birthday to the tag. I found a small pre-made envelope and stuck the tag into the envelope. I wound twine around the top of the solid brown paper and glued everything together.

I wasn't pleased with the result, so, I antiqued the solid brown paper using a sponge and olive green ink.

I still wasn't pleased. So I stapled a bit of ribbon on the tag. Photo above. I glued a blank piece of plain cardstock to the inside of the card, where I will either stamp with a rubber stamp, or write by hand, Happy Birthday. Finally, I'm finished.

Leave me links to your card creating ideas in the comments below. I am interested in everyone ideas!

Everyone, thank you for reading
Have a blessed day!

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