Monday, December 22, 2014

Is This Minimalist Living Too Much For You?

With the start of the new year, in a couple of weeks, bloggers will be publishing posts about ideas for simple living plans in the coming year. Such as, 

Live Frugal
Live Simply
How to do more with less.
Less is more. 
What to do with all of this stuff? 
Declutter with me.

The blogs will offer great ideas on how to live with less, because less stuff equals less stress.

But, I ask you. Have you seen the new, tiny houses that are being built. 

140 sq. feet

221 sq. feet

Over 200 sq. feet

320 sq. feet

207 sq. foot family of four

My family had a cabin on a lake. It was approximately 200 square feet. There was no electricity and no bathroom plumbing. We used an outhouse. If we wanted water to flow through the kitchen faucet, first you needed to prime the well outside the cabin. The cabin was one room with a built in screened porch. That porch is filled with many great memories.

The memories I have of those summers spent in that cabin on the lake are some of the best memories I have of growing up. We lived simply with only the basic of material possessions. Yet, I felt as though I had everything a heart could desire. 

Yes, my husband and I would sell our material objects and move to a small, tiny house. If the opportunity ever presented itself, my husband would move in a heart beat. But would you? Does the idea of living with less appeal to you? Would you feel too cramped? Would you have any desire to live in such a simplistic manner?

Now to you-

Could you live in one of these tiny houses?

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