Monday, December 15, 2014

The Importance of Home Maintenace

Is home maintenance on your to do list? +Pheeby Snow is back with us this week to share her knowledge of the importance of home repairs and home maintenance. Maintaining your home extends the life of your home. Pheeby is here to give us some of her tips.
The True Cost of Not Maintaining Your Home

There is something more expensive than taking care of your home and that's not taking care of it. As your home ages, it can wear out too quickly unless you clean it and repair broken or damaged parts where necessary. A poorly maintained home can impair your quality of life. Decayed floorboards, doors, walls and furniture are not only an eyesore, but they can also make your life extremely difficult and dangerous...

The true cost of not maintaining your home may be more than you can afford. Are you ready to pay the price of not taking care of your belongings, both literally and figuratively?
If not, I suggest you take a look at my article. I'm going to tell you exactly what may happen to your home if you don't maintain your place.

Severe Damage

Do you have one of these pair of shoes that you bought just for laughs and wore every now and then without cleaning or taking care of them? And then you fell in love with another pair, ditching those in your mud room where they collected dust and grime like crazy. Now you want to use them again but time seems to have had its impact on them. See, if they were the only shoes you had, you'd have to buy new ones because these no longer look presentable. So instead of maintaining your good old pair of shoes, you left them unattended. You still haven't exhausted their lifespan but you cannot wear them any more because they've lost their appeal and serve no purpose.

Do you realize you may be doing this to your house as well? Not maintaining your home can cause a number of damages to both the interior and exterior. They can impair the quality of your life and even make your home dangerous for you and your family. Last but not least, fixing severe damage usually costs a pretty penny.
This brings me to my next point.

Costly Repairs

Where there is damage, there is repair. Or so it should be. The trouble with repairs is that they can be very expensive. I mean, good for you if you are so wealthy you don't care a whit about it, but what if you are on a low income? Repairing and upgrading any part of your property can cost the earth, and it could be something you need every day such as your bathroom, your stove or your furniture.
It's wise to check the house every day, room by room. Don't forget about your laundry area, gutters and attic. If you notice any signs of damage, call in a specialist to fix the problem as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get.

Dirty Premises

Surfaces accumulate dust. It's simply inevitable. Unless you clean, vacuum, dust and tidy your home regularly, it may become a sty. Now let me tell you something about dirty, messy homes – they are pretty unsightly and harmful. My advice is to put effort into keeping your place free of soil and germs.  

Reduced House Value

Now, each one of you who is planning to sell their property in the near future should forget about it if it's in a bad condition. Poor maintenance can decrease your home's value to such an extent that you may not be able to attract any buyers. So before you even think of resale, make sure you upgrade your property, fix any damaged parts and make replacements where necessary. Otherwise you may not be able to get a higher price.

So, to sum up, the true cost of not maintaining your home can be severe damage, expensive repairs, filthy interior and exterior and reduced house value. You surely don't want to get there to understand that your home is one of the most important things in your life and you should take care of it. I suggest you give some thought to the matter if you already haven't done so.
The article is contributed by After The Builders West London

Thank you for sharing your tips with us today, Pheeby.

Now to you-

Please share with us some of your helpful home maintenance tips.

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