Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What Coconut Oil Won The Test For Cooking And Skin Care?

what coconut oil won the test for cooking and skin care

With the wide variety of coconut oil to choose from, how do you decide which coconut oil has the most benefits for you and your family?

Wondering what makes the best coconut oil, reviews.com created an extensive test to find answers to their questions.

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So reviews.com created a test usiing six different coconut oils and analyzed each of the oils different textures, tastes, and smells.

Their mission was to find the oil that:

For cooking:
-is easy to get out of the jar with a spoon
-tastes subtly like natural coconut, not overpowering or artificlial

For skin and health care:
-is easy to get out of the jar by hand
-smells subtly like natural coconut, not overpowering or artificial
-melts quickly between hands, leaving no chunks on skin or under fingernails

After extensive testing, reviews.com was able to eliminate oils that did not meet the test standards.

They discovered two oils that met each of the test criteria.

To discover which oils met the test requirements, please click here to read the article and find out which oil hit the mark every time, no matter how you plan on using the coconut oil for yourself.

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