Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to Make Pockets for Your Franklin Covey Planners

pockets for the Franklin Covey planner
Pockets for your planner

I don't go anywhere without my Franklin Covey Planner. I have everything I need right at my fingertips with this planner. I enjoy adding little diy projects to help keep organized. These new pockets help me keep my most recent receipts handy. Just slip your receipts in the diy pocket. Now, when an item needs returned, I won't need to search through my purse for the receipt.

You will need for this project-

pockets for Franklin Covey planners

Tim Holtz idea-ology page pockets. I found these page pockets at Joann Fabrics. They sell 6 pockets in a package for $2.49.
Hole punch
Your choice of Washi tape 

The holes in the page pockets do not match the Franklin Covey 6 ring binder. To remedy this situation, place your Washi tape vertically over the holes on the edge of the pocket. Place tape over both sides. 

Next, use a page from your planner as a guide to punch holes on the edge with the Washi tape. You are finished. Place your new pocket in your planner. 

A few simple steps and you have a new pocket to hold your receipts or coupons.

Click for instructions to create the blue planner folder in the top picture.

Now to you-

What have you added to your planners lately?

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  1. I am a paper and pen girl. Planning on a phone just isn't the same. Mine is not nearly as fancy! I need to raise my game, for sure!

    1. I am always finding items on Instagram that I neeeed. Lol!
      Thank you for stopping by. :)


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