Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Decorative Refrigerator Deodorizer Container

Decorative Refrigerator Deodorizer Container
Decorative Refrigerator Deodorizer Container
Usually I just place an open box of baking soda in my refrigerator to eliminate odors. But, this decorative container uses less baking soda. Thus saving you money. Also, with the screw on lid, there are no more messy spills. 

To begin select an empty jar. I have been saving jars since I posted, Make Your Own Decorative Jars and Lids.

Now, decorate your lid with Washi tape. I chose a pretty spring Washi tape design.

Decorate the lid
When you are satisfied with your Washi taped lid, punch holes in the lid. I used a hammer and a hole punch. You most certainly can use a nail or a screw to punch holes. 

Punch holes in the lid
Fill the jar with the baking soda. 

Optional- You can place a sticker on the jar with a description of what the jar contains. I placed a strip of Washi tape on the jar and with a black Sharpie, marked the jar - Baking Soda. Also include the date, when you change and add new, fresh baking soda. 

Lid with holes punched through

Place the lid on the jar and put the finished decorative refrigerator deodorizer container in the fridge. Change monthly.

For additional uses with baking soda, please visit Vacuum Guide and check out their 58 cleaning ideas with baking soda. Number three was a surprise to me. 

Now to you-

What other ideas do you have to share to deodorize your fridge?

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  1. CUT E-CUTE -CUTE idea. I tipped my box of baking soda over (it was on a shelf-duh) a few weeks ago. WHAT a mess!!!! I vacuumed it up. My hubby wondered why I was vacuuming the refrigerator. I told him it was something I read on the internet and I would never have to clean it again! lol He never knows whether to believe me, or not- xo Diana


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