Friday, March 10, 2017

Bunny Picture and a Free Printable

bunny printable

This printable can be used as an Easter decoration. Or, another way to use this printable is to print the bunny on pink or blue scrapbook paper. Add to a picture frame or string as garland and you have created cute decor for a baby nursery. 

I chose contrasting scrapbook paper from my craft cabinet. I printed the bunny outline on the back of the paper because, for this project, I did not want the black lines to show.

bunny printable

I cut out the bunny and pasted the picture to the desired piece of scrapbook paper.

Next, I hot glued a bow to the picture.

Place in your picture frame and you now have a quick addition to your Easter decorations.

>>>Download the bunny printable.

Now to you-

What Easter decorations have you been creating this year?

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  1. So cute Kathy! I love how you added one of your darling little bows. They are so sweet.
    xo Sally

    1. Thank you Sally! Happy accident!
      Have a great day! Hope i is warming up where you are. :)

  2. That is so cute, Kathy. Great idea with the little frame. Don't you love these quick little projects that add impact? Perfect idea! xo Diana

    1. I do love those quick little projects. Also, inexpensive when you have all of the materials on hand!!
      Have a great day! xo


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