Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Greeting Card Dashboards For Your Spiral Bound Planner

Creating personalized, laminated dashboards has never been easier. The most difficult aspect of this project is deciding which beautiful greeting card to use. I searched for and found two of my favorite birthday cards given to me by my husband and son. I then laminated and added repositionable tabs to the cards. Now, when I open my spiral bound daily planner, I have sweet reminders from my loved ones.

recycled greeting card dashboards

For this project you will need-

1 or more greeting cards
A laminator machine or self adhesive, laminate sheets
Scissors or paper trimmer
Repositionable tabs
1/8 paper punch

First, cut the greeting card to your desired size.

The greeting card above has a beautiful pink color on the back.

I wanted my son's sweet message to show. I glued the back of the front of the card to the back of the card. The preferred sides would show when glued and laminated together.

I placed the cards on the self adhesive, laminated sheets per the instructions and carefully brought the two sheets together. With the ball of my hand, I pressed the sheets together and smoothed out the bubbles.

Using my paper trimmer, I cut the laminated cards leaving just enough lamination to keep the cards sealed in place.

Next, I added repositionable tabs to the side of the card. To see how to create these tabs, click here. I did cut the tabs in half, placing one at the top of the card and the other half at the bottom of the card. This made the card stable in the planner.

I now have a place to stick my "to buy notes" and a reminder of a birthday message from my son.

Now to you-

What have you laminated for your planners lately?

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