Thursday, February 26, 2015

Etiquette Tips For Lipstick Stains on Glassware

You find the most beautiful red lipstick for Friday night dinner with friends. You are having laughs and drinks. You take a sip and there it is... the dreaded lipstick stain. Dun. Dun. Dun. How do you address this situation. Do you wipe it off?

Real Simple Etiquette Tips suggest:

Ideally you should be focused on having fun and being sociable, not doing maintenance on your glass after every sip. I wouldn’t go to any crazy lengths to avoid something that’s not such a cardinal sin. And for those who will say it’s the equivalent of your panty-lines showing, I say: Oh, relax and have another drink!

—Julie Rottenberg

So, if you are at a dinner party, do not worry about cleaning your glass after taking each sip. Enjoy spending time with friends. I am sure you are not the only girl leaving lipstick stains.

Ok, now have you heard of this lipstick tip?

"If you lick the rim of the glass you're about to drink from, it will keep the lipstick from coming off onto the glass and will leave you with perfect lipstick. To-go coffee cups are definitely still a work in progress though!" Sofia

I will be trying this trick in the privacy of my own home. If I had not heard of this tip and spotted someone licking their glass...

Let us know-

Have you tried this tip in public and how do you lick your glass with grace?

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