Monday, February 9, 2015

Easy To Decorate Bookmark Paperclips Using Sewing Appliques

Have you checked out the button aisle at your local craft store? There are some amazing buttons from which to choose. After perusing the vast selection of buttons, I had made my choice. I had intended to create button paperclips for use as planner bookmarks. However, while searching for the glue, I happened across the sewing appliques in a side aisle of the store. These appliques were beautiful. Also, they had a wide selection of appliques to choose from. For example, they offered hearts, animals, cupcakes, and flags. I immediately replaced the buttons and chose a few of the sewing appliques to create paperclip bookmarks for my planner.

sewing applique planner bookmarks

To create these planner bookmarks you will need-

Sewing appliques
Glue stick (because the glue alone did not work well holding the paperclip)
Paperclip (color of your choice)

sewing applique planner bookmarks

The sewing appliques sold for $2.49. Most of the appliques were sold in a single package. However, some of the appliques were sold two to a package. I chose the double packaged appliques, because they best served my purpose, and because with the double package I saved money. 

Position where you want the paperclip on the applique and apply the glue.

sewing applique planner bookmarks

The glue alone did not hold the paperclip in place. So, I brought out the glue gun and hot glued the paperclip in place. This did the trick.

The little princess crown was sold in a single package. Instead of purchasing two of the appliques, I covered the paperclip with pretty ribbon that I had in my supplies. I hot glued the paperclip in place and then covered the paperclip with my ribbon of choice.

When the glue was dry, I cut the ribbon to fit so that it was not visible when viewed from the front. 

After they are dry, you may now use your sewing applique planner bookmarks.

This project was easy to create. The most difficult aspect of the project was waiting for the glue to dry. I hope you create these planner bookmarks. If you do, please leave a link in the comment section so that everyone will have a chance to see your beautiful planner bookmarks.

Now to you-

What have you been creating and adding to our planners?

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