Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Who Remembers Grandmothers Cooking in Beautiful Aprons?

"Usually I wear my grandma's old aprons or others I have collected in my travels. When I was young, I would sit and watch my grandma prepare stuff. She wasn't Italian, but she did really good Italian food." Debi Mazur

I remember my great-grandmother wearing an apron that tied around her waist. She wore this when she made her delicious lemon cakes. I, also, remember my grandmother cooking in the same variety of apron as my great-grandmother. My grandmother wore hers when she was making her famous pot roast. However, that is where my apron memories stop. 

Do you remember aprons such as these?

When my grandmothers had passed, I was gifted the aprons they wore. So, when my son was around 4 years of age, he wore the special apron when we made his favorite chocolate chip cookies. We could not make the cookies until he had the apron tied around his waist. I would wash and take extra care of the apron, knowing how precious the apron was to both of us.

While researching aprons for this post, I happened upon a comment in a Country Living post, about a program that shows the social, psychological, and economic evolution of the apron style over the generations. I have even noticed that aprons are on shelves at major retail stores. Websites sell aprons for men, women and children. So while aprons are not as main stream as yesteryear, they can still be found today.

I was wondering...

Do you wear aprons when you cook, or do you feel as though it is an inconvenience?

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