Friday, January 9, 2015

Create Your Own DIY Planner Stickers

Stores in my town are downsizing their supplies of stickers. This makes decorating my planner difficult. So, to remedy this particular dilemma, I decided to create my own stickers. 

diy planner stickers

Using blank Avery labels, pens and Sharpies, I created customized stickers to place in my planner.

Each package contains 1008 labels. With a price tag of $7.49, from my local Staples store, I hope to create labels for an entire year.

Many planner enthusiasts use stickers to detail the weather of the day. Others use stickers to remind them when bills are due. These are important dates that need to be documented in your planner. However, for my family, the most important thing we need to be reminded of, is when the cats get, what we call, their "treat day."

Pictured above are the stickers I created with Sharpies and a gel pen to make weather day stickers. I thought it might be fun to look back and remember what the weather was for that particular day. I made stickers to remind me when bills are due and stickers to represent pay day. I still would like to create drawings of trash cans to remind me of trash day. 

These home made stickers would be handy to help children remember chores that need to be done. Or, they can create their own stickers to place on potty training charts. 

The list is endless on how your home made stickers can be used in your everyday life.

Now to you-

How would you use these home made stickers in your life and home?

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