Thursday, January 8, 2015

5 Ideas To Refashion Men' Shirts

Men's shirts can be refashioned to become stylish tops for women. Cut off the collar and shorten the sleeves, and voila, a new fashionable shirt that looks designer made. The refashioned shirt pictured below is becoming as a dress paired with leggings. Add some jewelry, no one would be the wiser that this cute ensemble once was a man's dress shirt. 

Below are 5 refashion ideas for a man's shirt.

Men's shirt refashion

The before and after picture is remarkable.

Love the fitted waist on this refashioned shirt.

Not only can you refashion the shirt into a woman's shirt, you can also turn the shirt into an apron.

Here is another idea, make an old shirt cuff into a gift bag or coin purse.


Now to you-

What other uses have you found for men's shirts?

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