Sunday, November 2, 2014

Random October Favorites

Last month I started using a new app and beauty items, thus the title, Random October Favorites. I want to share with you what I discovered that worked for me, new on my blog and new in my beauty favorites. 

As I stated, random.

Random October favorites

I discovered a new, to me, blogger, When you sign up for Thomas E. Hanna's emails, on Mondays, you will receive his latest blog posts, along with beautiful pictures for you to use on your blog or on your social media. The picture above is one example of the beautiful pictures that you will receive. Also, for $4.99 a month, you can become a premium member and receive more pictures and downloads. 

Another beautiful picture from Thomas. also wrote a post, The Scatterbrain's Guide To Managing Your Time. Thomas shared a few of his favorite social media sharing apps. One app in particular that he suggested was DoShare. This app works with Google+.

I have been using this app in October. I find it user friendly and simple to navigate. Previously, I had scheduled posts to share on Google+ using the schedule tab in the design page of Blogger. But when I scheduled the posts and they were shared, the date of the post would disappear from your home page. DoShare is an extension of Chrome. Simply download the app, add a link that you want shared and at what time you want it shared, DoShare does the work for you. One side note, your computer must be turned on for this app to work. 

random October favorites

I have been loving the Now vitamin c and sea buckthorn moisturizer. I apply the moisturizer to my face before I put on my foundation. Vitamin C and sea buckthorn work with the skin's natural chemistry to help lock in moisture and other vital fluids needed to improve elasticity, brighten dull or dark areas, and promote healthy tissue. This article stresses the importance of vitamin c and sea buckthorn for it's beneficial anti-aging properties.

I did not notice that my dark spots were any lighter or that it brightened any dark areas, but the moisturizer was not greasy and did not make my foundation feel as though it was "sliding" off of my face later in the day. I will definitely repurchase this product.

This product is gluten free, paraben free, vegan and not tested on animals.

Physicians Formula mascara is a new product that I have been liking. The formula is not too wet or too dry. The wand has a rubber brush that is large enough to coat your lashes with mascara but not too large that it pokes you in the eye. The mascara formula is buildable without being clumpy. Meaning, I did not look as though I had spider leg, eye lashes. 

Physicians Formula is a cruelty fee company. I will repurchase this product, also.

Now to you-

What were your favorites last month?

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