Friday, November 28, 2014

How To Clean and Maintain Mosaic Tiles

Our friend +Pheeby Snow  is back with us today. She is offering her advice on how to take special care of your mosaic tiles.

Mosaic Cleaning and Maintenance

Mosaic has always been a stylish option for the floor or wall decoration as it is suitable addition to both contemporary and more classic designs. Mosaics are always a fantastic choice for creating a beautiful atmosphere in the premises of your home. 

Whether in your kitchen, bathroom, or other facility, you can choose among a wide range of options if you want to have mosaic tiles in your home. They look just ideal as long as you maintain them appropriately.

Because of their smaller size, the mosaic tiles need special care and maintenance on a regular basis. If you want to preserve their good appearance for a longer time,  you need to make sure that you clean them in the right way and with the most suitable products. Unless you pay attention to the condition of your mosaic tiles, you risk serious damage and after that you will need to buy new mosaic tiles for your walls and floor. 

In order to avoid this unpleasant situation, we will offer you some ways in which you can clean your mosaic and maintain it in an excellent condition.

The efficiency of the sealant

A sealant that is waterproof plays great role for the maintenance of the mosaic tiles. Once you have put the tiles and you have filled the joints with suitable grout you had better put a waterproof sealant on to the tiles and grouts. In this way the mosaic tiles will be prevented from the water from bath or from the sink when the tiles are situated in the bathroom or in the kitchen. You will avoid the unpleasant appearing of mold which can influence the whole structure of the tiles. Sealant becomes as a very important protector, especially when natural stone is treated.

The regular cleaning of grout

Everyone knows that grout is the ideal place for attracting mold and dirt. That comes as a major reason to provide regular cleaning. The small mosaic tiles require even more extensive cleaning than usual, as usually you need more grout for this type of tiles. For that purpose you will need to use a special grout cleaner, not necessarily too expensive. You will also need a sponge and a toothbrush to clean all the joints until they become spotless. If you thinks it is too complicated you could hire professionals like BestLondonCleaners Notting Hill to do that for you.

Use soapy water for wiping down

Wiping of the ceramic tiles is more important than you can imagine. For the perfect look of the tiles you need to wipe them down with a soapy warm water after you have treated them with other chemicals or cleaning products. Even if you are absolutely sure that the product are safe, do not forget to provide wiping with soapy water. In this way no residual product will be left and your ceramic tiles will preserve their immaculate condition.

Do not use acidic substances on to the ceramic tiles.

We are all, from time to time, attracted by the idea to test some of the DIY ways for cleaning your home without spending significant amount of money. However, we advise you not to treat the ceramic tiles with acidic substances, such as vinegar and more often white vinegar. Using of such kind of substances on the tiles can lead to the damaging of the grouting and of the whole surface of the tile. For that reason, we advise you to use the traditional tile cleaners that have already proven their efficiency.

These are some of the tips that will help you to clean your mosaic in the most extensive way and to preserve its nice appearance for a longer time. It is not difficult to apply them on regular basis, so if you want to enjoy your perfect mosaic tiles take into account these tiny details.

Now to you-

How do you care for your mosaic tiles?

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