Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Decorating Gift Jars With Washi Tape

I have shared with you that I am a fan of Washi tape. So much so that I created a card based on the look of Washi tape. After posting, Make Your Own Jars And Lids, I discovered another idea for the use of recycled glass jars. Cover them with Washi tape. With the endless selection of colors and designs of tape, you will be able to add your own personal touch when you decorate your jars. 

To decorate two empty jars, I chose colors of Washi tape that complemented one another. 

Washi tape jars

You will need:

Washi tape ideas

Clean, empty jars
Any Washi tapes of your choice
Scissors to cut the Washi tape

For the horizontal tape around the jar, I used a tape measure and a marker that would easily wipe off of the glass jar.

These particular jars had a small lip around the top edge. I used that as a guide for the first circle around the jar.

I, then, used the tape measure and measured how for apart I wanted the next row of tape to be from the first row of Washi tape.

Washi tape

I used this same technique on all of the remaining horizontal rows. 

This the finished look of the first jar.

After finishing the first glass jar, I wanted a different look with the second jar. 

I placed the tape diagonally around the jar. I used two strips of light green tape and then I used the pink tape. I continued this same pattern and process until I had the jar completely covered with Washi tape.

Washi tape creations

A look at both finished jars.

As I stated before the designs for your creations are endless. Also, what you put in the jars offers a personal touch. I thought lighted tealights in the jars at night would put off a nice pink glow. Fill the jars with lotions for a hostess gift. Add homemade candy for a teacher gift. Endless.

Now to you:

What would you place in the decorated jars and who would you gift them to?

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