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Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

Today, I have a guest post from +Pheeby Snow . She gives us some insight to solving those small bathroom dilemmas.

Thank you Pheeby.

Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

If you wonder why the bathroom is the smallest room in your home and yet can't find anything you are looking for while everything is falling on your head while your cleaning, you should definitely read the following advices. Usually the bathroom is a small space room. If you share that room with family or roommates, sooner or later space becomes an issue. In order to help you out to take full advantage of your limited space, we will offer you several bathroom storage solutions.

Small Bathroom Storage Cabinets

(DISCLAIMER: This piece of furniture can not be found on the web. But, I am going to leave this picture up in case you have a handy man who can use this picture as a guideline or template to create this piece of furniture.)
Hooks over rods
Get rid of your towel rod because it takes a lot of space and usually can hold up to two towels only. Instead of the long towel rod you can install multiple hanger hooks on the back of the door. That way you will optimize the space behind the door which is a big plus and also you will gain space. The number and distribution of hanger hooks will allow to place more things on them. Now instead of space-absorbing towel rod you will have door hangers where you can put your hair towels, face towel, bathrobe and whatever you like.

Upgrade your bathroom cabinet
There is still a way to increase the capacity of you bathroom cabinet even if it is filled with medicine, creams, shampoos and other care products. You can make a small holder installation to the inside door of the cabinet in same manner of backside space usage. First you have to divide the content by its size. The larger bottles, tubes and items can be stored in the cabinet while smaller ones can be distributed in new installation. Spice-holders, sticking pods or vacuum-attacking jars are absolutely perfect for the purpose.

Look under the sink
The bathroom sink is one of the things that take a lot of space. Yet often the space under it is enough to store some of the items which cannot fit anywhere. Measure the free space under sink and buy a stacked organizer rack to gain some extra storage space. The best are the ones with sliding drawers because they give easy access to the stored items. Now you will have a place to put the cleaning products, old towels, sponges etc.

Adapt your shower rod
Here is fine way to adapt your shower rod to store the thing you use the most. You can use holders for laundry pinches to put in them whatever you like. Pinch holders can be found everywhere, they are easy and simple to attached to any shower rod, they are cheap and you can put as much as you need.  Your shampoo, shower cream, bath sponge, razor and other things you use the most will find their perfect place there.

Above the door
If you have even more things to store and free space is still a issue – try above the door. A simple shelf installed above the door is a perfect storage place where everything that needs to be away from water can placed.
If you make all of these improvements to your bathroom the result would be stunning. With these clever storage solutions the bathroom cleaning would be a lot easier while the time you spent in the room would be more pleasant.

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