Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Emergency Tips for Cleaning Carpet Spills

My friend +Pheeby Snow is back with us to explain some tips on how to clean up those accidental spills on your carpets. I wish I had had her tips when my son spilt spaghetti sauce on our new carpeting. Pheeby shares with us some products that you already have in your cabinets to alleviate those nasty spills before they stain.

Thank you Pheeby.

Emergency Tips for Cleaning Carpet Spills

Image that your sweetheart comes to you and says: “Honey do you remember that time when we were in Egypt? It was awesome, but guess what, I spilled some wine on the carpet we've bought there”. We know you love your carpet but this nightmare could happen for real, so do you know what to do in case of emergency? Nobody can ensure you that food or wine won't be spilled at your birthday party right? Such disastrous situations could always appear and you should be prepared to act instantly if you love the warm authentic touch of your favourite carpet's sweet fibers.
You should feel very lucky because we would give you the best tips for cleaning carpet spills that would help you out in any emergency case.

Having a good time and partying at home is great. Some red wine would make the occasion even better, but not if it is spilled on your carpet. If something like that happens, don't panic. What you have to do is to fight fire with fire. Take a glass of white wine and pour some on the stain as quick as possible. The next step is to get a good amount of salt and spread it generously over the spill. After you have applied the salt, you will have to find a white towel and sprinkle it with water till it gets moist. Then cover the salty stain with the towel and wait about an hour. Finally, remove the towel and the salt and find some dry white cloths. Apply the cloth over the stain and press till the cloth adsorbs the liquid. All you have to do is to repeat this procedure until the cloths and your carpet come out clean. If there is something that still bothers you, you can apply carpet cleaner as a final blow to the wine spill.

The next great threat for our carpet are food spills. You won't enjoy your Persian carpet with some spaghetti sauce or gravy on it. London Carpet Cleaner would offer you a cleaning tip that could help you in similar food stain problems. What is important here is to act immediately because almost all of the food spills can be removed if they are treated instantly. Begin with the larger bits and pieces of food and collect them by hand. Continue with the removal of the remaining food from your carpet. Make sure that you won't damage the precious fibers of your carpet. A blunt knife or scrapper would be perfect for you as long as you gently take off the remains. It is important to do it gently because we don't want to push food particles into the carpet texture. The next step is to take a moist towel or sponge and carefully tap over the stain until the tiny bits of food are cleaned. Note that the stain may expand if you rub the towel instead of tapping it. All of the food should be gone now. The cleaning of the remaining stain could be made with things that every home has. You can use dish-washing products, vinegar, baking soda or detergents. The baking soda must be mixed with water to form a cleaning paste. Directly apply the paste on the spill and remove it after a while by tapping it with damp sponge or cloth. If you use vinegar you will have to pour it over the stain and absorb it as we have mentioned before.

Now that you know what to do if anything happens to your favourite carpet, you can plan your next party at home without worrying about mischief situations. Just remember that the sooner you treat the spill, the less cleaning you will have to do.

Again, thank you Pheeby for these handy tips.
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