Friday, August 15, 2014

Removing Oil Stains From Clothing With Baking Soda??

I had come across a website that stressed the only ingredient you needed to remove an oil stain, such as salad dressing, from clothing, was to grab some baking soda. Well, now you know from past posts, how much I enjoy using my own DIY #lifehacks. Seemed easy enough, so I went outside for the best photo opportunities. 

Let me set the stage for the directions on how to use this recipe. Pour baking soda on oil stain, rub baking soda into said stain, allow to set for 20 minutes. If, however, the stain still had a touch of brown showing through, repeat process, then launder. All right, let's give this a try!

baking soda absorbing an oil stain

I put baking soda on the stain, allowed the baking soda to sit and absorb the oil for 20 minutes. I, then, decided to add another application of baking soda. I allowed that to absorb.

baking soda to remove oil stains

I washed the t-shirt in warm water. I dried the shirt in the dryer and this was the end result. 

baking soda to remove oil stains

Oil still on the t-shirt. My handsome husband used a degreaser spray on the stain. Laundered the shirt. Stain is removed. 

"Life is one big lesson, you learn as you go." Auliq Ice

Even though I rely on my baking soda for many household cleaning uses, removing oil stains, such as salad dressing, from cotton t-shirts was an epic fail. 

In the comment section below, please leave me any of your reliable techniques for removing oil stains from clothing.

Have a blessed day!

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