Friday, August 22, 2014

Is Your Follower Count Important To You?

When you first start writing your blog and putting your posts out there publicly, you notice fellow bloggers who have many followers. This must mean that this person really must know what they are doing. They are popular, they have all of the bells and whistles on their sidebar, and people leave comments on their blog posts. They have so many followers that everyone must like them. Well, I want that too.

subscribers not followers

So, you join the groups they are in. You become a part of their community. You join the parties hosted by the popular blogger. You start developing followers and you think to yourself, "I'm on my way, now I am as popular as they are."

Well, with that being said, once you have developed the following you so strongly desired, maybe you don't feel all that popular. No one leaves comments on your blog. No one shares your posts. After your first few months of blogging, you begin to notice that a handful of those "popular" bloggers no longer write blog posts.

After reading, the Mistake that may be Poisoning your blog, and why his blog failed, I have come to realize that while followers are great, what you really want, is subscribers. Other people to interact with. People who acknowledge the work we put into a post, or how delicious is your recipe that you created and shared.

[Blog] shares "pursue relationships, chase trust."

Here are a few tips that will help build those relationships:
  • Leave comments on their blog to let people know you have read their post. Nothing fancy. How about, "Great post." or "Thanks for sharing."
  • Share their blog post. 
  • And push the subscribe button.
Yes, this will take some time. But if you put your heart into your blog website and not worry about how many followers you have at that particular moment, then maybe, you won't be that "popular" blogger who no longer writes posts anymore.


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