Thursday, January 25, 2018

Tea Pick of the Week and the Benefits of Mint

Celestial green tea

I went on the search to find green tree with mint...

when my friend, Mark, shared that at the moment his favorite tea to drink was green tea with mint.

Now, Mark lives in the Netherlands, so the closest green, mint tea I was able to locate was Celestial Green Tea and Mint.

Green tea has been shown to improve blood flow, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and help with improved memory. 

Some claim green tea is a super food. 

All in all, green tea is very beneficial for your health.

green tea

Mint has many health benefits, also. Mint promotes digestion, and soothes stomachs in cases of indigestion and inflammation.

Jen Reviews shares 23 health benefits of mint leaves with 11 recipes on her blog. Check out that blog post here. 

Balance Me Beautiful shares their article that discusses the health benefits of mint leaves.

(I am just sharing information, I am not being compensated.)

decaf green tea

This is a decaffeinated tea. I, myself, do not purchase decaffeinated products because of the chemical process that the food is put through. However, the box states that this tea is naturally decaffeinated.

Also, 0 calories.

decaf green tea

Celestial Seasonings do not attach strings to the tea bags. Thus making healthier teas and with less waste, a healthier planet. I have noticed other tea companies attach the strings to the tea bags with small metal staples.

I drink this tea in the mornings. But because it is decaffeinated, I will, in the future, drink this tea later in the day or just before retiring to bed. I prefer to drink teas with a small jolt of caffeine in the mornings to jump start my day. The smell of mint is strong and pleasant when you open the box. A very refreshing aroma. The green tea is mixed with white tea for a smoother taste.

This tea is very refreshing and does calm your stomach. I enjoyed drinking this tea. However, and this is totally my personal opinion, one of the ingredients is Soy Lecithin. While some websites promote the benefits of this ingredient, other websites disprove any benefits. Because of this information, I will be on the lookout for teas without this ingredient in the future.

Let me know of your favorite teas in the comments below.

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Have a blessed day!

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