Friday, June 6, 2014

Organizing Not Only In Your Home, But In Your Backyard As Well

Since January, I have shared with you how I have worked in my home and organized my kitchen and closets. I gathered information from fellow bloggers and got busy. 

Well, since we have had such beautiful weather, I no longer want to be inside. Living in an area of the country that only has a limited amount of warmer days, I want to enjoy the fresh air as much as possible. So, I took a look around my back yard and went to work cleaning areas of the yard that needed some attention.

Let me just point out that this has been an on going process. This was not a "fix it in one day" endeavor. We have a cement patio off of the garage. At the end of the patio, we had acquired some brush from last fall and this spring that we had let accumulate. My handsome husband helped me burn the branches and sticks. 

This is a photograph of the finished area by the patio.
future flower garden

This is a "before" picture, so to speak, of the brush that we had accumulated over the seasons.
before the yard work

Yesterday, I started cleaning up the ground. I used a 3 pronged hand tool and scraped together all of the dead grass and old weeds. I used my handsome husbands weed eater and cleaned up along the edge of the future flower bed.
weed eater

Last fall, I picked up a canister of seeds on a clearance end cap. I paid $1.00 for the canister. I sprinkled these seeds on my prepared flower bed. Then, I lightly sprinkled some potting soil over the top of the seeds. I saturated the future flowers with water. I used a soaking wand on the end of the garden hose. This prevented the seeds from floating away. 

This morning I saturated the ground again. I am very pleased with the results after the hard work that was put into cleaning up this area of the yard.
I will be excited to see what seeds take root and bloom in the upcoming weeks. If you follow me on Instagram, shameless plug, I post pictures of flowers that I have purchased recently. I want to thank everyone who writes posts and shares parts of their lives. Before I started blogging, I never would have attempted to try something like this. Your posts help me to jump out of my comfort zone and try new experiences. I am so thankful that I have an outlet that lets me express what I have learned from others and meet new people. 

I have another corner of my backyard that I am currently working on. In a later post, I will let you know what I have been working on back there.
Please let me know what are some of your favorite flowers in you flower beds in the comments below.

Everyone, thank you so much for reading
Have a blessed day! 

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