Friday, May 16, 2014

What To Do With An Empty Egg Carton?

I have some old seeds that I have been wanting to start. But because of the age of the seeds, I did not want to invest much money into a venture that may fail. So when I read her post, I knew that is was how I could try and start the seeds without spending any money. 

I have no idea when or even where I acquired these seed packets.

planting seeds in empty egg crates
I washed and cleaned an empty egg carton. I placed potting soil in each of the egg holders. I pushed the seeds into the potting soil and watered the seeds. I was done. 

This picture is taken one week after the seeds were planted. I have not noticed any growth yet. But then, we have had a cold, rainy spring. The little seeds have not had much sunlight or been able to sit outside. 

Again, as I stated above, if nothing grows from these seeds, at least I tried. The next time I try planting seeds, I will have an inexpensive way to start my plants from seeds. 

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