Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tea Pick of the Week...Twinings Earl Grey Tea

This week I have been drinking...Twinings of London Classics 
Earl Grey Tea

Twinings earl grey tea
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This is a black tea perfectly balanced with the distinctive flavour of bergamot, a citrus fruit.


Bergamont is found in citrus trees in Italy. The flavor is floral and rich, with a faintly bitter astringent flavor.
Bergamot is believed to be uplifting and energizing.  Essential oil derived from the peel of the Bergamot peel helps to reduce stress, energizes and treat depression.

Twinings earl grey tea

Twinings teas come in a variety of premium, premium black, chais, origins, greens, herbals, and cold brewed.

Twinings earl grey tea

I have been drinking this tea as my first cup of tea in the mornings. I do add a touch of honey to this tea. All of the combination of fragrances and flavors are not overwhelming. I find the tea to be a relaxing drink. It calms your nerves, so to say. This is a darker brewed tea. But not a heavy tasting or "weighted down" tea. The flavors are not bitter, nor does it leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth.
I enjoy drinking this tea and I will purchase it again. But first there are many more teas to try!

Let me know in the comments below what favorite tea of yours that I should try next.

Everyone, thank you for reading 
Have a blessed day!

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