Friday, May 23, 2014

How To Make Organic Weed Killer

Last week I shared how to use an empty egg carton to plant seeds. Well, the seeds never grew. I emptied the potting soil into my flower bed. Maybe the seeds will take root. But as I stated, I have no idea how old or where the seeds came from. I will try to plant more seeds from packets again. 

So, on that note, I will share how I have killed the weeds in our yard using organic ingredients. This is my handsome husband's recipe he discovered on the internet a few years ago. 
(Disclaimer- This recipe will kill the grass, also. Take precaution where you spray. On windy days, the weed killer solution can spread to areas of your yard that you do not want sprayed.)

The recipe is as follows-
1 cup salt (diluted)
2 tablespoons dish soap
1 gallon vinegar

organic weed killer
Here is a picture of the weeds before I sprayed them.

before organic weed killer

Here is a picture after the weeds were sprayed, once, 29 hours later.

after organic weed killer

This weed killer does require preventive maintenance. Once a week, I spray the weed killer on our brick sidewalk and other areas I do not want weeds to grow. Thus preventing the weeds to germinate. 

Also, if I do not have enough vinegar, I will use what I have and fill the rest of my sprayer with water. I find even though it is not as strong, this still works very well.

On a side note, when dandelions pop up in my flower beds, I pour straight salt down in the middle of the plant. This dehydrates the dandelion. Then, the plant withers away. I do not even have to pull the dandelion out of the garden. Hey, I am all for any way to ease getting rid of weeds in your flower gardens. 

If you have any others recipes for eliminating weeds in your yards, let me know in the comments below.

Everyone, thank you for reading
Have a blessed day!

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