Saturday, April 5, 2014

Maybe, Just Maybe, I Have A Green Thumb After All

This week, I happened to glance at a little plant that sits on an end table next to the couch, and this is what I saw.

A new, tiny leaf opening up on the plant.

This tiny plant is a new plant that I transplanted recently. 
Here is a picture of this plant just after it was clipped from an existing plant in my home.

I had high hopes that this plant would survive, but from previous experiences, this new little transplant had a slim chance of making it. So, imagine my surprise, when I spotted a new little leaf opening up.
 Let me explain. Always, and I mean always, when I introduced new plants into my home, I was extremely intent on taking care of them. I watered them, when I felt they needed watered. Which, in retrospect, was probably too often. I, then, watered them not enough and they withered away. Or, even worse, my ivy plants became encased in spider mite webs. So, into the trash these plants went. 
Recently, with my new found interest in plants, and with high hopes, I have begun enlisting the aid of the internet and I use my planner to assist me in keeping the plants alive. Now, you ask me, "How in the world does your planner help you with the plants?" Well, in order to not over water or under water the plants, I write in my planner the day that the plants are watered, always on Mondays. I keep track of the plants watering schedules and look at my results. New leaves and the plants from Lowes that did not look the best are still green. In fact, the little fern that I moved into the bathroom, has new, tiny shoots sprouting up in the middle of the plant.

My fingers are still crossed for the plants. I am enjoying how pretty these little green plants brighten up my home.

Everyone, thank you for reading
Have a blessed day!

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