Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Trying My hand At A Little Gardening!

Recently, I discovered that house plants are a natural air purifier. So, I have bought a couple of plants and I need to transplant 2 other plants. I had an empty, small pot, so I decided to start a new philodendron in the pot. 

Here is how I created this little new, little plant.

I cut an end off of one of the vines.

Here are the materials I used to start my new plant.

You will need:
A small pot
A cut off of the old plant
Potting soil
Coffee filter

Cut the coffee filter to fit the bottom of your pot, this filter stops your potting soil from falling through the holes in the bottom of your pot.

When you cut your plant, make sure you cut below the leaf. The small, brown parts sticking out of the stem are actually the roots.

Fill your pot with potting soil and make sure it is very wet. Stick the new cutting into the wet soil. Make sure the roots are inserted into the wet soil.

I have absolutely no luck with plants. I have a black thumb. Plants shiver when I come near them.
So, occasionally I will post some pictures of how well this new little plant is faring in my care. Fingers crossed this poor little thing survives!

If anyone has any helpful hints, leave them for me in the comments below.

Everyone, thank you for reading
Have a blessed day!

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