Friday, March 7, 2014

Going Green Tag

1. What started it all off for you?

I have always taken vitamins and known of their healing qualities. But, what started it all for me was, after I was involved in or watching makeup videos on you tube, one day, by chance, I happened across a video explaining all of the horrible carcinogens that large manufacturer's place in the makeup to allow the product to have a longer shelf life. "What?" And that is how it all started. I researched and did some digging into this new found information which then lead me to information on how these same companies also tested on animals. Which, then lead me on my cruelty free and natural way of life. That did not stop there. My husband and I decided to follow a plant based diet. He quit after 2 weeks, but because of everything I had learned I was done, and I became a vegetarian. I eat nothing with a face.

2. What was the first thing to go? (Ingredient or product)

All of my makeup with parabens in the ingredients was the first to go. I do not have a large makeup collection, so this for me was not difficult. I placed them in a small "Sephora" type bag. Then, I placed these on a shelf in my closet. But, I did not want just throw away all of the products that I spent my money on so, I have been using them up and will not repurchase them. I did throw away all products containing parabens. That, to me, wasn't worth using up.

3. What are you or what did you struggle to let go of?

I did struggle to let go of my makeup. The you tube "beauty guru" community was fairly new, and I was excited to learn all of the different looks I could do with drugstore makeup. So, as I stated in the question above, I placed them in a small bag and put them on a shelf in the closet. I did finally get rid of the makeup because I knew, by then, that I definitely was not putting this poison on my face.

4. What has been your best find? (i.e a green product or a tip that you're really glad you've found/learnt)

Honestly, I find something new everyday as I search the internet, watch you tube videos and discover other people's blogs. I hope to continue to learn and never stop learning of ways to improve my health and my families health.

5. What has been the worst thing about going green? What has been the hardest to transition or find an adequate green replacement of?

The only trouble I have had with finding replacements of, or transition to, is the fact that I live in a small farming community. So, I was not able to find some healthy replacements especially for my makeup. I would order from Vitacost or other sites from the internet.
I have found nothing bad about going green, for me, because I know that I am improving my live and the lives of my family. The problem for me is the reactions of others. They just think I am a "kook." Or that it is just too hard for them to understand that the things that are mainstream are not healthy for you.

6. Anything else to add? Any tips or tricks to pass on?

I am finding it easier and easier to find cruelty free and natural items in my small farming community. This is making it easy for me to buy healthy items from local establishments. I try to purchase most of these products from the small businesses in my town. I just try to spread the word about healthy alternatives even though not all people share my same views.

Thank you Jennifer at inspiredmom824 for sharing your answers! If you decide to participate in this going green tag, let me know. I would love to read your answers!

Everyone, thank you for reading
Have a blessed day!

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