Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Quick, From the Heart, Handmade Card

Last night, I threw together a quick, easy, handmade card.

Here are the supplies I used to make the card.

I chose to use an 8 and a half inch by 11 inch piece of card stock paper.

I cut the cards to 4 x 8 inches. I was able to get 2 cards from the 1 piece of card stock.

Fold the cards in half and you are ready to start decorating.

First, I used the flower stamp on the front of the card. I placed the stamp in the close to cocoa ink pad and then, placed the stamp on the card. Next, I placed the stamp on another area of the card. I did not place the stamp back in the ink. I did this same step one more time, giving the flowers some depth and dimension to them. I tapped the end of the sponge into the ink pad and brushed the edges of the card giving it a slight distressed look.

I used two small pieces of scrap paper. I stamped, from the heart, in the same color as the flowers. I used scissors and cut just around the edge of the stamped design. I, then, used scalloped edge scissors along the edge of the rust colored paper. I glued all of these pieces together and placed them on the bottom right of the card. I used a dimensional dot and placed one of my handmade, small bows just above the from the heart stamp. I was finished.

Ready to be put in the mail.

What are some of your favorite cards to create?

Everyone, thank you for reading
Have a blessed day!

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