Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tweaking...not Twerking... my blog

For the past couple of weeks I have been reading and searching blogs, you tube, and the world wide web concerning areas of your blog that could be improved. I found 7 ways to improve your blog, 7 items to get rid of on your blog, and 5 reasons why no one is visiting your blog. I watched videos of ways to get creative on your blog. I have just been doing research.
So, I have been deleting some posts that I was not happy with. I have reread some posts and changed some wording that I felt needed changed. I moved items around in the sidebar. I have learned how not to "clutter up" your blog and keep it simple and make it easy for readers to navigate around your blog.  In other words, I have been tweaking my blog.
I do have one problem that has plagued me and that is Pinterest. No matter how much I work this into my blog, I can not seem to get it right. I am just frustrated. So I am putting this issue on the back burner for now.
With all of the helpful advice out there, at this moment, I am happy with my layout. Wait till later as I'm reading more, I change it up again. LOL. I am having fun with the blog and have enjoyed interacting with other bloggers. 
Now about that twerking business. I will start singing and you can jump in anytime and start twerking.
" Wrecking ball.......
Everyone, thank you for reading
Happy New Year!

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