Saturday, December 7, 2013

Getting Organized

Sometime last month I happened upon some you tube videos that demonstrated organizing in your home. I thought to myself, this is exactly what you need. For awhile now, I have been decluttering and simplifying our home. So when I chanced upon the videos, it was as if a light was opened up from the heavens above. OK, maybe a little over the top, but hallelujah!
Let me explain some of my organization tips. Disclaimer, do not follow any of these tips.
1. Throw it in a drawer, knowing that this is where you put it and the next time you need it that is where it will be.
2. Put it on the attic stairs. Oh no, not in organizational boxes, no, just thrown on the stairs. Especially extension cords. Just put them there.
3. Place items in drawers, in the Secretary, because that's just how its done.
4. Place important papers in the file cabinet in any file folder that is close to the front of the drawer.
And my favorite, 5. Put anything and everything under the sink.
I'm going to begin with a shelf in our coat closet. Baby steps! If I can make cute Christmas bows, organizing 1 shelf should be a walk in the park. I crack myself up.

Honestly, I have no idea what may be on this shelf. But I am taking you with my as I get started organizing. I do see a college textbook with Christmas bags. Yes, they do go together. Oh my, I do need an intervention.
 If you have any organizing tips, let me know. I need any and all help. 
Making myself a cup of hot tea before I tackle this. Maybe 2 cups of tea.
Everyone, thank you for reading
Have a blessed day!

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