Monday, December 23, 2013

Easy to Sew Infinity Scarves

While visiting's website, I stumbled upon a post about
As I read through the instructions, I felt as though I wanted to tackle this project.
I chose a dark animal print material. The website post, listed above, has instructions with pictures that are easier to see because Jacinda used a white material.
Here is a picture of my completed infinity scarf.
I used a soft silky material. With the problems I was having with my machine while making the blankets, I was afraid that my machine would have problems with this lightweight material. But I was so delighted when I had no problems and just sewed away. Woohoo.

To begin, the scarf is 64 inches long by 18 inches wide. Measure and cut your material.

Fold the material length wise in half and pin the right sides together.

Sew down the side that is pinned together.

Now, pull the scarf inside out. The right side of the material should be showing.

Now pin together the ends of the scarf, right sides together.
This was a little tricky, I had never sewn together 2 pieces of material together in this way.

Leave a small space open.

Fold material under and pin together.

Now, either hand stitch or top stitch this together. I chose to top stitch the material together. Knot ends of thread together and voila! you are done.

I was able to make 3 scarves from the material.
This project was a lot of fun.

Let me know if you decide to tackle this project.

Everyone, thank you for reading
Happy Holidays!

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