Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Table Decoration

While searching the blogsphere for Christmas decorating ideas, I came across
 Cozy Little House's blog. On her table, she had a vintage Pepsi crate filled with items that she said she was going to change out and put in Christmas related items.
Well, I have some of the vintage crates in my garage, so I brought one in and started decorating with it.
I put in some greenery. A music box. A small snowman plate. And, of course, a chicken with ribbon around his neck.
Here is a picture of the finished decorating project:

I added height to the arrangement by placing the snowman plate and musical snowman Christmas tree on top of items I found on my shelves. I added texture with the twig ball and greenery.
I have been creating more of the Christmas bows and I placed one around another one of my chicken's neck.

I enjoy sitting and making these pretty bows. They make everything look festive when you add them. I have posted how to make these bows on my post titled, Handmade Christmas bows. 

Everyone, thank you for reading
Happy Holidays!

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