Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rather large cupcakes

November 16, 2013

The 5k is only 7 days away. I have been walking/running in the mornings everyday. Everyday I feel that it is easier to run. I have been maintaining healthy eating habits ever since the cupcake fiasco. So I am right on track.
When I made my cupcakes the other day, to my surprise, my hand mixer did not function. I vaguely remember putting the mixer away with the smell of electrical burning. But I thought it will just fix itself. Low and behold, it did not fix itself and it would not operate. What is wrong with the world? So I had to find a new hand mixer. After searching the world wide web for hand mixers at stores near me, I found one I was quite happy with at Kmart and it was on sale. It is a Hamilton Beach 6 speed mixer, with a container that attaches to the mixer to hold all of the attachments in one place. Very handy.
Hamilton Beach blender
Let me tell you about my deal I was able to get. The mixer was on sale for $19.89. I handed the cashier my coupon for points I wanted to use. He told me I was eligible to use $10.00 worth. Oh my, I only paid $9.89 for this mixer. High five. But does it work?
I opened the box and it is a very heavy mixer. The attachments were sturdy. I loved the little whisk that came with the set.
A little back story. The mixer that decided to burn was from Walmart. The cheapest mixer they had. I didn't care what kind of mixer I bought at the time, I just wanted a cheap one.
OK, this mixer is so much more heavy duty. I had to try it out. I made my husband and son some cupcakes. I washed the attachments and mixer per the instructions. I started mixing away.

Hamilton Beach blender
The mixer is designed to sit on the edge of the mixing bowl. So handy. This mixer sure had some power. I only used the second setting and it mixed the ingredients very well. It also has a button to push on the handle for a quick burst of speed. Very cool.
 Now I am not saying the mixer did this to my cupcakes, but look how huge they are.

large cupcakes
They overflowed the cupcake wrapper! Maybe I added too much batter to the wrapper? We'll just say it was the mixer. Anyway, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Let me know if you have done any baking lately.

Everyone, thank you for reading.
Have a blessed day!

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