Friday, October 4, 2013

Slowly recovering

OMG, let me tell you what happened. About a week and half a ago, I had arrived home from my 3 mile walk and was sitting on our front porch. I had myself a cup of herbal tea and was enjoying watching the birds in the feeders. The birds have nests in the neighbor's garage across the street. They fly from our feeders, to their nests, and then back again. This is very relaxing, watching the busy birds. Well, as I was sitting watching, one little bird most have realized he forgot something. He was headed across the street when all of a sudden, he turned around the front post on the porch and headed directly at my face. Well, naturally I ducked. I heard the little bird hit the window screen. I was too afraid to move. Then I thought I felt something in my hair. So finally, I touched my head. Whew no bird. I was hoping I wouldn't find a bird on the porch behind me. Luckily, no bird was to be seen.

A couple of nights later, we had the windows open in the house. I love having the windows open, however I tend to hear every little noise and subsequently, do not get the best nights rest. I woke up in the strangest positions during the night. The next morning my neck hurt so badly, I was having a difficult time moving. Throughout the days to come, I was taking aspirin and Advil. I was alternating between hot and cold compresses. The heating pad was my new best friend.

I am much better. I am still having some acheness in my shoulders and occasionally pain in my neck, but I can function as a, slow moving, normal person again. I think that when that scary bird flew at my face, I twisted my neck and shoulders. So when I was having trouble sleeping and woke up in weird positions, I strained my neck. Lol, leave it to me to hurt myself while enjoying a cup of tea and watching birds. I hope everyone out there has been well. It is an overcast, gloomy day here in the middle of nowhere. I have a project I need to post. Talk to you later.
Everyone, thank you for reading
Have a great day!

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