Thursday, September 26, 2013

Painted the back door

Last week, we painted our back door. We have a steel reinforced door that leads to the back porch. The door had never been painted. It was primered, but, we never got around to painting it. I tossed around a couple colors in my head that I thought would look good. My husband and I decided that a hunter green color would look best. We have light tan siding with hunter green shutters. We bought the painting supplies at Menards. We bought Frogtape, paint rollers, paint pans, and Rust-oleum hunter green paint. Here are pictures of the supplies we used:

green paint

painting the back door

taping the back door

First, my husband took the door off of the hinges and put the door in the garage on saw horses. Then, I cleaned the door with a mild dish soap and water. I wiped the door dry and waited a couple of minutes to allow the door to completely dry. We masked off the glass on the door with the Frogtape, and added old magazine pages to cover the glass. Then I was ready to start painting.
I was nervous. My husband had always painted things around the house. This was my first attempt painting a door. Then, I was nervous about the paint color. What if it was too green or just didn't look right.
Enough worrying, let's get painting already.
Here is a picture as I started this project.

first coat

Oh my, its a little too bright green. But I finished with the first coat. I let the paint dry about 2 hours before I started the next coat. Oil based paint takes longer to dry than latex paint. This was good for me. If I made any mistakes, I could fix them. Good thing to know, since this was my first time painting a door. After 2 hours, I put on the second coat. I was still seeing some white bleeding through in spots. So, I waited another 2 hours. I checked the paint, still tacky to the touch. So, I waited another half an hour. Then, I painted the third coat of paint. We waited another 2 hours. By this time it was getting to be 11:00 at night. As soon as my husband could touch the door without leaving finger prints, he reattached the door to the hinges.
When he first hung the door, it was a shock. I wasn't too sure about the color. We were so used to the door being white. This was different. But as the paint cured and darkened a little more, I love the finished result.

painted back door

painted back door
On to another project! That was fun and nothing to be nervous about.

Everyone, thank you for reading
Have a great day!

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